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Quickleen was first established in 2001 when Richard Matusik, an Australian Businessman, became increasingly frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the stainless steel cleaner he was selling. Together with a scientist, they began experimenting to develop a better product. After countless failures, they finally discovered the proprietary formula to a simple, powerful, safe and effective cleaner, now known as Quickleen.

About Quickleen Indonesia

PT. Tandi Jaya Perkasa is an Indonesia-based company, with a vision to promote a more sustainable and greener environment. As the exclusive distributor of Quickleen in Indonesia, we make it our mission to provide an effective yet environmentally friendly cleaning product, made of natural and/or biodegradable ingredients. We strive to provide only the highest quality products to the market by always conforming to and complying with the requirements of our customers and maintaining good relationship with our vendors. This has enabled us to maintain reliable quality and punctual delivery.